About Mark

So, about Mark Sharman… let me start out with a few choice words:

Impulsive, Driven, Husband, Systems, Visionary, Focused, Cyclist, Researcher, Father, Jesus Freak, Against the Flow, Australian, Task-Oriented, CPA, Musician, Thinker, Thorough, Intense, Passionate, Whistler, Contrarian, Hard-Headed, Crazy, Reader, Doer, Me.

A little history on the road I have traveled… I was born and raised in Australia until I was 8, when I moved with my family to Michigan and later to Colorado (here and here). I joined the Marine Corps Band after high school and spent my tour in Albany, GA. I then wrapped up my undergrad and did some volunteer work for Ravencrest Chalet with Foundation Relations, then went to work as a manager with the Target Corporation, and most recently as an Accountant in Colorado Springs. I have my Master’s in Accounting and am licensed in Colorado as a CPA (license 31457), and have my own business, Crossroads Accounting. In terms of the types of businesses I have experience serving, the list includes restaurants, retail, medical equipment, non-profits, construction, dentists, chiropractors, schools, daycare, personal bookkeeping, health and beauty, telecommunications consulting, churches, barbershops, and more.

So I would be completely remiss if I did not tell you about the joys of my life – my four ladies!  My beautiful wife Rachel, and 3 young daughters, Eva, Norah, and Violet, make this all worth doing! We live here in Ft Collins and enjoy spending time as a family, exploring, hiking, biking, Rach has her Herbin’ Mama blog going on, and, of course, helping people who cross our paths.

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