Business Formation – Transition Point

I had a few circumstances collide today that brought up the topic for today. I have two resources that I encountered and a situation with the last business I worked at that where I had to go back into the office to pick some things up. All that to say, the topic today is that moment of transition where you cease being dependent on another person or entity for your income and enter into your own business.

The first article was humorous to me because I have found myself here time and time again. It is an article from called When Your ‘Dream Job’ Isn’t Your Dream Job Anymore. It is more on the comical side, talking about the similarities between a job and a relationship. It speaks to feelings I have had many times before in the jobs I have held – the honeymoon phase where you think the job is the best things ever, then a few months in you start to get tired of it, then you realize that your dream job is a nightmare and start looking for the next one! I would say my time in the Marines was like this in a lot of ways, and especially at Target. As a manager at Target I loved it at first, but the pace and intensity started taking its toll and I was almost on blood pressure medication for the stress by the time I was done. I knew that I needed to build a more sustainable life if I wanted to live past 50. That is what made me rethink where I was and what I wanted in life.

The second resource I came across a while ago but was immediately reminded of after reading the Forbes article was a podcast done by Jack Spirko over at 5 Minutes with Jack called Being an Employee is not a Natural State for Human Being. This is a great listen, especially if you are of the mindset that you want to start your own business… in fact, I highly recommend all of Jack Spirko’s resources and content over there for getting your business up and running (not that I agree with everything or would say it all the same way). I will be linking more to his marketing podcasts in the future.

Jack speaks to humans not being designed to be in a subservient role to another person telling them how to live and how to make their decisions. I felt very encouraged by this because it put words to what I was feeling in my heart and gave me encouragement to step out and take the risk of starting my own business.

The point is, what is the catalyst that will lead you to take responsibility for your life, your income, and your future? Or if it has happened, what was that catalyst for you? I would love to hear back from you through comments below or on FB or Twitter.

That point for me was feeling as though I could not trust whether I would have a job or a paycheck at my job and that I had the technical ability as an accountant and the dream to go further. In fact, the last episode from Jack Spirko was influential in that decision for me.

Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to take a step in the direction of independence, personal responsibility, and freedom to stand or fall based on the work of your two hands. Next time we will discuss laying the foundation for your business through beginning building a plan and forming your business.

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