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Last week I encouraged you to add WordPress to your domain and hosting with HostGator, and today I would like to help you take the next step in building your website. The most important thing for you to do once you have WordPress installed is to begin building some pages and content about your business.

I say this is the most important thing because all of the bells and whistles, advertising, social networking, new themes, plugins, and on and on that we will discuss down the road won’t do you a bit of good if you aren’t directing that at your content. The content should welcome people to your site, tell them about you, tell them about your company, provide information on services and products, give them a way to contact you, and leave them with something they can take with them.


If your website is not a standalone blog (and in some cases, even if it is) the first page that people should be directed to is the “Welcome” page. This page should express gratitude to your visitor and should explain in brief where they have come and what to do from there. This can either be the main page of your website or a side page that you end up sending traffic to if/when you purchase advertising. Consider including more than just words on this site by adding pictures and a welcome video. The goal here is to build a personal connection with your visitor so that they stay, come back, and ultimately get in touch with you personally so that you can build them into a valued customer. Finally, direct them around your website a little to help them find what they are looking for.

About You

The second page you need to set up is your “About” page. This page is your personal introduction apart from your business introduction. Include a photo of yourself and give the 2 minute intro you would give to a new customer you might meet face-to-face. Keep this personal and brief.

About Your Business

This can either be separate from the “About You” page or on the same page, but you should also introduce your business. Highlight the main services and products, experience, industry, etc. for whatever your business does. This is more formal than the above page as you are building credibility and brand reputation for your visitor. Make sure the customer knows why they should do business with you and how your business can benefit them.

Services and Products

This section is where you provide a review of all of your services or products. Make this thorough, but keep in mind that you can always come back and build this up later. The idea here is to get the basics up so that someone who finds your site can understand what you offer and contact you if they are interested.


This section should provide every means of communication you have available. This may only be an email and a phone number, but give it out. We will build this section later as we add social media and other communication mediums. The idea behind this is to meet people wherever they are and bring them into your circle of influence.

Leave them with something

Ok, so you have the basics up on the website and you are out there for the world to find… but what are you going to give back? An overarching principle that I have built my business on is the following:

Galatians 6:7 (NASB) “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

Paul is speaking here to the Church and encouraging them to build into one another and give to one another. In doing so, the whole “body” is built together as opposed to each person looking after themselves. My whole goal with this blog and in my business is to give and to build into those around me with the gifts and talents God has given me. Whether or not this resonates with you, I would encourage you that this principle does not only apply in Christianity, but everywhere in life. If you give more than you take, you will not find lack. So in your website and with what you have, how can you give back to your visitors and future customers?

If it is in jewelry, can you make a video about basic jewelry repair to help someone fix their broken necklace or earring? If it is in lawn care and gardening, can you provide information about what plant combinations do best in your area? If you are a contractor, can you provide a checklist to someone who is looking to buy or build a new home or addition to their home so that they can choose a contractor wisely or help them in what to look for in a basic inspection?

The ways are endless because if you are going into business there is likely either a need or a want for your services or products. For me, the greatest need I see that I can fulfill in accounting is providing a well-rounded approach to what you need to know to start and run your business profitably. So my answer to this on my website at Crossroads Accounting is to link here and let people know that they can find whatever information they need here, and that if it isn’t here all they have to do is email me and I will lay everything else down to make sure their question is answered.

So if you do all that, you have a good start to your website and your online presence. By doing this, you actually have something to provide people when they ask about your business. You also have something to link to through social networking and something to showcase with all of the bells and whistles. But most importantly, you are showing your customer that you care about them and want to give back to them without cost, and this will come back around if you continue to model this in your business and your life.

Keep Reaching,


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