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I would like to jump into Marketing today. I will be up-front and let you know that this is the area of least experience for me out of the major topics that I am discussing, but at the same time, this is the subject of my research and study as of late and where I am focusing my energies to not only help you in a critical area of building your business, but also in me building mine. As I have said, this is a journey and I would like to share my journey with you as I grow and develop my own business marketing strategy.

So where to start with your business and marketing? Once you have your business name and are getting things set up, the next item that needs to be on your list is ensuring that you have a piece of internet real estate to match your business name. The internet is the biggest tool out there today for a small business to make a presence and market your business.

Step one to taking advantage of that goal is purchasing your domain name and begin hosting a website. My personal recommendation if you don’t know where to start is to do a domain name search for the website you would like on to see if it is available. If the exact wording is already taken, play around with the wording a bit until you find a web site name that suites you and your business, and preferably has the .com available.

I would then head over to HostGator and set up a monthly service with them to host your website (around $8/mo) and purchase the multiple website basic plan. When your account is set up, send in a service request to purchase your domain names ($15 each/yr). Purchase the main domain name, and also the .net name – We will get to why this is important down the road, but you want to make sure that if you are building your business website that you are able to direct traffic your way… and not owning the partnering .net name makes that difficult.

Next week I will start into how to set up your website and will go deeper into other points about how to link in with social networking tools, how to build your email list, and customer interaction over the internet. Again, I am not an expert here, but am heading that direction so join me if you would like!

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