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So today is the end of my week – a week that has been full of the flu, wrapping up some tough loose ends, and overall pretty tough. But I left this topic for the end of the week knowing that some weeks would be tough and that I need a lighter, more uplifting topic to finish things out for the week.

So my topic today, as with all this week, is where to start. Today is where to start to find your passion. If you are going to start a business, you could find a niche market for something you are skilled in, but don’t really enjoy. However, the way I see it, if you are your own boss and you are working a job that you don’t really enjoy, you will eventually come to the point where you are fed up with what you are doing and look for an escape either through doing something else or through one of the myriad of distractions this world has to offer.

If you are in that situation and want to make it work, most everything I share here will still apply and help you be successful, but my goal both for you and for myself is for something more. I don’t want to go through this life regretting not pursuing my dreams and passions. My deepest passion lies in my faith in Jesus Christ, and the outflow of that for me comes in the form of helping people and building others up to be free to live out their dreams and the plans God has for them.

But what is your passion? Is it an artistic expression? Is it designing and building things, whether buildings, furniture, software, businesses, or gardens? Is it spending time with people, talking, sharing your life and theirs? Do you have a passion for reading, researching different topics? What is your passion?

Is it hard to answer that question? It was for me for a long time. I have shared this before, but here from another perspective, I want to share how I came to find my passion in hopes that it will help you find yours. I have been wanting to start my own business since my father and I built and sold 30 or so pieces of lawn furniture when I was 10 years old for a summer project. What I enjoyed about that was the creativity and the sense of awe that I could do that kind of work and someone would come by the house and buy it, and all of a sudden I have $50 worth of spending money. But most of all, I enjoyed working with my dad. My dad is very task oriented as I am, but one thing I learned about myself through looking back on that experience is that I love tasks, but only when I am working with other people and helping other people.

This theme has played itself out time and time again in totally disconnected areas of my life… I found that when I wasn’t working or in real need of anything, I would gravitate towards doing something with or for someone. This played out though 4-wheel driving and fixing up cars with my dad, road biking (which I still only really enjoy when I am doing it with someone), getting into software design and website development to help a friend build his website, learning how to put a business plan together to help a friend who was starting her business, and accounting to help people with their businesses. The common theme through all of this is action and doing things that require some technical ability (which is my natural gifting) and helping people. And that is what I am building my business around – both Crossroads Accounting and The Sum of Business Blog.

So in looking back over my life, I found what I gravitated toward and what motivated me. I would challenge you to do the same. If you come up to some road blocks, a good thought exercise is to think through what you would do if you never had to worry about money for the rest of your life. What if, for your basic needs and lifestyle, you didn’t have to work another day, but instead were free to do whatever you would like. If you are reading this blog, my guess is that the answer is you are already doing it in your spare time.

If you have something you are thinking of, sit down for a few minutes and write about it. Write about what it is, why you like it, and try to describe the feelings and the satisfaction that you draw from that activity. The goal here is to tie in the task with the underlying purpose, desire, and passion that drives you toward that task. For me, many of the tasks involved spending time with my father. I could pursue those tasks, but I would miss the underlying theme of spending time with people I love and care about and building into their lives.

What is it that drives you to do what you do after work, on weekends, and when you daydream? When you figure that out, capture it, write about it, analyze it, meditate on it… find the deepest desires that activity stirs.

The next step, which we will discuss next week, is what to do about it… but believe me, that is the easy part. It is easy because when a person follows their passion, people are drawn to them like a moth to the flame because they themselves want to light the fire of their passion inside of them. Turning your passion into your life then becomes the goal, and with the right systems and structure in place, the business is simply an outlet for that passion.

Keep Reaching!


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