Accounting Basics Part 4: How to Enter Transactions in QuickBooks

So you have QuickBooks, you have set up the Chart of Accounts, and entered your Opening Balances; now I will share with you how to enter transactions in QuickBooks. You will need to have your bank accounts, credit cards, Paypal account, and loans entered into your Chart of Accounts before you go forward with this, so make sure you are caught up to speed with my previous posts. We will review how … [Read more...]


Accounting Basics Part 2: Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

Last week I discussed the accounting equation and how it laid the foundation for data entry, accounting for each transaction, and building the financial statements including the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. The next step I would like to introduce in helping you understand basic accounting, QuickBooks, and the financial statements of your business is the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks and … [Read more...]

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