Passion – Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

Friday again... the day when I take a step back from the details and work of the week to gain a better perspective on where I am and where I am going. Hopefully this will help you take that step back as well to examine your life and work and determine whether or not you are heading in the direction you desire. I was blessed to be able to spend some time over the past few days with a dear friend … [Read more...]


The Roadmap

So whenever you set out on a journey, you either have the route mapped out in your head, or you've gone to Google maps (sorry road atlas, your days are over) on your computer or phone and have pulled up the map and set your course. No one who wants to reach a goal or a destination takes his first step without knowing where they are going because taking 1 step in the wrong direction means you have … [Read more...]


The Goal

Back again and want to share with you in greater detail what I would like to do and what "The Sum of Business" will be about. As I said yesterday, my goal is to help people on the journey to personal success as entrepreneurs out there doing what they love and making a living as well. But more specifically, what will this look like? Well tonight I would like to sketch out some ideas that have been … [Read more...]

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