Back at it again!

Around September of last year, I ran full steam into a season of life that many of us have. This season involved my wife becoming pregnant (due in June 2013!), cramming classes to finish my Master's degree, and entering a 6 month studying session to prepare for and take the CPA exams. I can truly say that this was one of the most trying seasons of my life, and having taken the last CPA exam 3 days … [Read more...]


Link – Dave Kraft: A Job or Calling?

I will throw links to other articles and resources out there from time to time from the various blogs and sources that I follow. I would like to link to a thought-provoking blog by Dave Kraft called A Job or Calling?. In the blog he differentiates between a "job" and a "vocation" with the latter being what you are called, gifted, and passionate about doing. It was a good reminder to me to keep … [Read more...]


Business Formation – Mindset

Well here we are, ready to jump in. The first topic I would like to discuss here about business formation is developing the mindset to start, manage, and succeed in your own business. I want to start here because I believe that having the right mindset is the key to actually making this whole thing work. I want to break the mindset down into 3 areas: personal confidence, personal … [Read more...]

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