Business Formation – Best States for a Small Business

A question that I often get from current or potential small business owners is "What are the best States for a Small Business?" This question is often asked with two focuses in mind - financial/accounting (tax and fee expenses and friendliness to small businesses), and legal reasons. To the legal reasons and risks of setting up your business in one State over another, I will defer to the lawyers … [Read more...]


Business Formation – Protecting Limited Liability

This post on protecting limited liability is a continuation of last week's post on business entities, I want to discuss an important topic about protecting the limited liability you need to protect your other businesses and personal assets from liability in the event of litigation or some other event. The most important element in an LLC or Corporation is protecting limited liability for the … [Read more...]


Business Formation – Choosing a Business Entity

In the process of going through your Business Plan, you will need to begin thinking through how you want your business set up and what business entity you will be using. This post is designed to give you an overview of choosing a business entity that is right for your business. This is not specific advice that I recommend you going forward with without first consulting an accountant, lawyer, or … [Read more...]

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