Business Management – Being Your Own Boss Part 2

Continuing on from Being Your Own Boss Part 1... this post will discussĀ building your environment, scheduling your time, and measuring your progress. Building Your Environment As your own boss, you have the luxury and responsibility of establishing your own working environment. Instead of being subject to your employer's ideas or limitations, you get to choose what your environment will look … [Read more...]


Business Management – Being Your Own Boss Part 1

Being your own boss can be the most rewarding or frustrating state for a small business owner to find themselves in. It can be the most rewarding because you are working toward and gaining your own financial freedom, geographical flexibility, control over your time, and freedom to choose your future. But it can also be the most frustrating in that you can become overworked, stressed out, defeated … [Read more...]


Passion, Hard Work, and Systems for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Last week I discussed some ideas for finding your passion and even your purpose in life. I want to continue on that vein this week and discuss what to do next. I want to discuss turning your dream into reality; turning your passion into a lifestyle through a business that opens the doors for you to live the life you want. I will discuss refining and defining your passion into something you can … [Read more...]

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