Marketing – Communication Systems for Small Business Owners

So if you are like me, you have a small business where you manage most all of your business functions, including client communication. My goal with client communication is to reach the broadest range of my clients using the communication medium they prefer in an efficient way. Thankfully, technology has opened the doors to many different communication systems for small business owners to … [Read more...]


Marketing – Plugins For WordPress

Last week I encouraged you in building your website by getting some basic content set up in order to have something to bring people to. Before going out and looking for traffic and engaging in social media, I would recommend adding some useful plugins for WordPress your site to help you manage your website, track visits, and link to search engines and social sites. These are plugins I currently … [Read more...]


Passion, Hard Work, and Systems for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Last week I discussed some ideas for finding your passion and even your purpose in life. I want to continue on that vein this week and discuss what to do next. I want to discuss turning your dream into reality; turning your passion into a lifestyle through a business that opens the doors for you to live the life you want. I will discuss refining and defining your passion into something you can … [Read more...]

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