The Goal

Back again and want to share with you in greater detail what I would like to do and what “The Sum of Business” will be about. As I said yesterday, my goal is to help people on the journey to personal success as entrepreneurs out there doing what they love and making a living as well. But more specifically, what will this look like? Well tonight I would like to sketch out some ideas that have been rolling around in my head and help you see my vision.

To start, this blog is going to be a combination of different tools, resources, communication mediums, and topics all focused around helping people either start the journey or be more successful on their journey toward owning and operating a business.

  1. Tools – I will be preparing and providing practical tools to help you begin, run, analyze, evaluate, streamline, and make good decisions in your business.
  2. Resources – I will be networking and compiling resources from anywhere and everywhere that will help you learn and grow as a person, business owner, and to grow your business.
  3. Communication mediums – I am beginning this blog through written word, but will be bringing on podcasts and videos across every social networking avenue that I can utilize. I want to use the best medium for the information and topics that I will be sharing.
  4. Topics – I am in the process of refining and crystallizing the various topics (or categories) and the subtopics (tags) that will be my main focus. I would like to focus on a few main areas, including:
    1. Getting off the Ground (focusing on business formation, planning, moving from employee to self employed, etc)
    2. Accounting 101 (general resources from beginner to more advanced on keeping your money straight, cash flow, taxes, software, metrics and analysis, business decisions from a financial perspective, etc)
    3. Marketing and Customer Interaction (a huge topic, but this will mainly focus on setting up a presence and a network through the Internet, social networking, setting up a website, etc)
    4. Finding and Keeping your Passion (take a step back for a few and get a proper perspective about life, your heart, distractions, and keeping focused on and reaching for your passion)
    5. Questions and Answers (my goal is to ultimately let you, the reader, define and determine what I focus on; I want to walk this journey with you, and that means I want to stop, listen, and respond to your needs and to help you where you are)
    6. Community (I see this being a community with forums, discussions, posts, questions, interaction, and mutual support of one another in our businesses. I will attempt to provide an environment for a community to grow, but I don’t pretend to believe I can build this single-handedly. It is ultimately my desire to walk alongside everyone who reads this blog and to build friendships as we build our businesses)

So that is where I am thinking – which is subject to change as I also gain perspective and feel where my heart is going. My mind is orderly and presents information in a logical fashion, but this is not my attempt at a project or a task, this is my journey and my life that I will bear out through this blog, and I am following my heart and my passion. And my desire is to see you succeed in your life and your dreams… my dream is building a community to walk together and support each other in this endeavor, and life will bring what it will and I will be flexible to go with the flow.

With all that said, I know it is only my second post, and maybe you are reading this down the road sometime, but I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what I have shared and if there is anything that you would like to see.

Keep Reaching,


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