The Roadmap

So whenever you set out on a journey, you either have the route mapped out in your head, or you’ve gone to Google maps (sorry road atlas, your days are over) on your computer or phone and have pulled up the map and set your course. No one who wants to reach a goal or a destination takes his first step without knowing where they are going because taking 1 step in the wrong direction means you have to turn around and take 2 steps back to make up for it.

Well this is my journey and I am checking out the map and planning my route. I feel that if I am asking you to join me on this journey, or even if you find me down the road a ways, that seeing my plan and map is important and beneficial all around. It helps set expectations and an understanding of who I am and what I am about. It is also my commitment to you and to myself about the journey I am on, and if you find that the destination is to your liking, that if you join, we can get there together.

In more business terms, this could be considered a business plan, but this approach is far more informal and down-to-earth as I am not looking for you to invest in me or my work here, but instead I am looking to help you and invest in your work and business. So below I have outlined a few points for you to know and to help you decide if this journey is for you as well:

  • Where to?
    • While the destination is an inherent moving target of sorts because it will always be growing and expanding, but here the initial target of where I want to be.
    • Ultimately, I want to see one business owner turn their business around and be successful in doing what they love and supporting themselves in the process. If this can happen in one life and one business, all I am setting out to do will be accomplished. Anything beyond this is a bonus! If one life can be changed, so can others. I am not offering anything fancy or that no one has ever heard of before, but I am offering a multitude of services and information to help those who want to live their passion be successful.
    • Full-service website filled with resources and information on everything a small business owner could need to know to start, build, and manage the nuts and bolts of their business. This will include blogs, articles, eBooks, podcasts, videos, and electronic tools (excel tools, template files, QuickBooks template files, etc).
    • Growing forum to include both experts in the fields (CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Business Consultants, Bookkeepers, Internet Marketers, etc) and many small business owners, those seeking to become entrepreneurs, and anyone else who is interested in learning. The forum will be the main hub for questions and answers, discussions, and community designed to support one another in the goal of growing and maintaining a successful business. The forum will extend to a variety of social media outlets and is not exclusive to any one area as I will seek to provide connections in multiple areas.
    • More focused area or forum for those business owners who are in need of more personalized services or advanced resources. This will not take away from the main thrust of the website, but will be an avenue to provide for or link people with the help that they need if they are not able or don’t want to do it all on their own.
  • What are the stops along the way?
    • This journey will go in stages, with way-points and goals set out along the way, and here are some that I see:
    • Content – my first step is to get up enough blog content to bring the value that I am talking about here.
    • Resources and Tools – my second step (which will go alongside the first in some ways) is to add a variety of resources. I have a ton of resources right now, but I need to refine them and add them in a professional, orderly way that will be helpful and not confusing.
    • Community – the third step is to get a basic forum together where people can come and begin interacting around the content and questions out there.
    • Social connections – my fourth step (that I will also be working on as I go along) is to get connected with the community at large and let people know that all of this is going on over at!
  • How fast are we going to go?
    • So how often should you check back in here? I will be bringing content here 5 days a week, and more if I have time.
    • The first three steps should be well on their way by October time frame, which gives me about 3 months.
    • Beyond that, I will be going broader and deeper, adding more and more content and resources to get to the point where most every business management and accounting question that a small business owner has can be answered. I expect to be here in a year.
    • And what about the questions I don’t have the answer to? Well that will define the journey beyond what I have set so far… you will define where we go and what we do together to make you successful.
  • Why am I on this journey?
    • I have spoken to this in the past few blogs, but I will reiterate it again here. I am a man of faith and believe that God has placed the desires and passions in my heart for a reason, and that I should pursue those and in doing so will also pursue Him and His purpose in my life. My passion and desire is to use my gifts and talents to help those around me free themselves from the trap of life and a job that does not fulfill the passions and desires that God has put in their heart. Now if you don’t believe in God, or put your faith in Jesus Christ, I am not trying to turn you off, but this is my heart and I will be real with you. I want you to search your heart and your passions and be real with yourself as well. I will not preach at every turn, but I will also not be ashamed to speak my heart, and I want you to do the same.

So what do you think? Is this journey for you?

Keep Reaching,


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