The Schedule

Hello Again!

So I have had 1 week of introduction, but now its time to get down to the sum of business… got to love a good double entendre… ok, here we go:

My plan for building content and creating a framework of information to help you build and manage your business from the ground up will include 1 topic on each of the 5 days a week I will be posting. The topics each day will be as follows:

  1. Business Formation: Getting your business off the ground
  2. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Software, etc
  3. Taxes: Payroll, Sales and Income
  4. Marketing and Customer Interaction
  5. Finding and Keeping your Passion

I want to get a wide range of content up on this site to get things going, and I would rather touch on a number of different topics and build depth at the same time over just going into one topic in depth at a time.

Let me know what you think or if there is a question you have, and I would love to interrupt this tentative schedule or throw up an additional post.

Keep Reaching!



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