Marketing – Why Build a Business Blog?

Are you trying to grow your business? Are you working on building your customer base? Looking for ways to provide value to your customers and increase their loyalty to your business? I would like to submit to you that a blog can help you answer all of these needs in your small business, no matter what type of business you have. Why build a business blog? I would like to share the following reasons with you: growing your own expertise, gaining credibility and loyalty, and increasing your exposure in your industry.

Growing Your Expertise

The first reason to build a business blog around your small business is as a catalyst to keep you growing and learning in your business. As a small business owner, there are always areas in your business for growth and learning. Provoking yourself to begin writing out your knowledge and seeking to teach others about your industry will refine and grow your own knowledge. For a new business owner, this is also a great way to gain confidence in the work you do as you meet with potential customers, and you will find it much easier to answer customer’s questions on the fly because you have already thought through the answers in your blog. Not only this, but you will also ensure that you stay up on all of the current trends in your industry and adapt your business to capitalize on market movements.

On a broader scale, building a blog will also open you up to learn new skills in website design and social media. If your business is not primarily an online business, then you will be opening yourself up to grow your business through the web, which has become almost requisite in today’s business environment. Consider the last time you wanted to find out about a new business in town. If you didn’t have a personal connection through a friend, my guess is that you looked them up on Google or Bing or some other search engine. If a potential customer wants to find out about services or products in your industry, where are most of those customers going to go to try and find you? So if you aren’t already online, consider this as a good, low cost, easy way to start!

Credibility and Loyalty

Not only do you build your expertise, but you show your expertise with your current and future customers and gain credibility and loyalty. You gain credibility when a potential customer finds you on the Internet, reads through your blog and finds answers to their questions, and wants to find someone to provide services or products. You have built yourself as a trusted resource who has proven expertise, knowledge, and a willingness to reach out and help. For a customer to work with you, this is half of the battle with marketing your business!

For current customers, you build loyalty as you create your site with content designed to help your customers, answer their questions, and teach them. When customers can connect with you and your business online, they also see your expertise and knowledge and trust you more with their business.

An personal example of how this plays out in my own business and with this blog is with my clients. I have shared many of my articles with current customers of mine who have had a variety of questions about accounting. I have answered their questions in brief when I discuss it with them, but I send them a link to follow up with more detail and resources. Each time I have offered these resources, it has been met with surprise that I have these resources available and appreciation for the help. This fulfills my business philosophy of giving more than I take in that I can share and teach more information over this blog than I have time or money to do in person.

Increasing Exposure

The final reason that you should build a business blog around your small business is to increase your exposure in your industry. Your industry might be landscaping in your city and the surrounding area, or selling camping gear in your store and online. No matter what the scope of your customer base, setting up a blog will increase your exposure through web searches, social connections, and word-of-mouth from both customers and readers of your blog.

Another great way to gain exposure with your blog is through natural connections with customers through social networking, and to help answer questions customers might have about your services or products through comments on your blog or social media pages.

Wrapping up…

The best part about all of this is that blogging is the easiest and most effective way to grow and sustain your business customer base and exposure in your local area and around the country and world. So where do you go from here? I would suggest reading my earlier articles on hosting a website and building your blog on WordPress. I would then put together a plan on how to reach your customers… which just happens to be the topic of my Marketing post next week!

I hope this helped provoke you to think through how a blog could benefit your business… let me know if you have any questions!

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